Tom McGowan, Co-Chairman of the Downtown Recovery Committee expresses that the Back Downtown campaign is about focusing on the bounce — and that’s exactly what he intends to do! John Seckel shares the story of this new nonprofit initiative that seeks to lure people to move back to downtown Indianapolis:

Across the world, businesses have suffered at the hands of COVID-19.  Mandatory shutdowns and the social distancing regulations that have followed have done anything but assist downtown areas in thriving.  Indianapolis has been no exception to the devastation.  Now, with the help of a nonprofit marketing effort, the city is seeking to draw in both residents and visitors to empower and revitalize the city’s economy.

The marketing campaign is called Back Downtown, which has been launched by nonprofit, the Downtown Recovery Committee.  The initiative is dedicated to inspiring residents and visitors to “discover downtown again.”  Though the effort was just recently launched, participants in the campaign feel as though it could lead to something bigger.  Currently, the focus is on bringing locals back to the downtown Indianapolis area.  But with the sky as their limit, Back Downtown hopes to potentially draw in visitors who can turn Indianapolis into their home!