Is your nonprofit struggling to recoup costs during this unforgiving pandemic? You’re not alone. Here are some ideas John Seckel suggests to any nonprofit hoping to spark a conversation — and generate those cause-focused funds! 


Livestreaming on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience.  When structured properly in the form of a topic-centric event, your livestream can even reach people outside of your circle!  Treat your livestream like you would a virtual seminar.  This is an excellent way to check in with your supporters — and say hello to newcomers!

Start a #Challenge

Between lockdowns and every other regulation we’ve faced these days, we could all use a little excitement in our lives!  Spark up a conversation — and potentially drive in donations — with a hashtag-friendly challenge.  This is an ideal choice for creative teams who can think outside of the box!  Splash a bit of branding into your challenge and the conversation will speak for itself!