Crowdfunding websites have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Everyone knows about — but do you know about Bonfire? This unique crowdfunding site can help you fundraise and market your nonprofit in a cool and creative way!

From immediate personal needs to global causes — crowdfunding sites have become staples for nonprofit organizations. So much so, that the major platforms (i.e. are often over saturated with campaigns. But if you’re looking to fundraise while also marketing your nonprofit, you might have better chances on a less known platform.  Bonfire is one of those crowdfunding platforms… and it’s actually a whole lot more unique than


Bonfire is a fundraising site that helps raise awareness (and funds) for causes by selling custom t-shirts.  The best part is, you don’t need a graphic designer on your team to launch a campaign on this unique platform!  Bonfire provides users with an array of custom apparel options that allow you to customize your styles, fits, colors and design easily.  Nothing beats the awareness raising potential of a shirt that someone can sport again and again!

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