According to the US Census, there are currently 83 million Millennials in the US compared to 70 million Baby Boomers. When working with and marketing to Millennials, your strategies and tactics will definitely change. Both Baby Boomers and Millennials are important to an organization, so neither should ever be ignored.


It’s great that you have a networking event at your annual meeting, but what about the rest of the year? Planning things like breakfasts, happy hours and more are great ways to integrate Millennials. Try even having them plan the events. They love participating as well as planning.

Invite Only

Millennials are more likely to join an organization where they’ve received a personal invitation from someone already in the group. This means that you need to make your invitation come from an email or a single person. Use their name to make a connection. When they feel like they’re the only ones being targeted, they’re more likely to invest in your association and more importantly, what your association stands for.


When someone joins your organization, you have tons of benefits, but how do you take advantage of them? Setting up a mentor program is a great way to ensure your Millennials are engaged and stay engaged. Match them with someone who can show them all of the benefits of your organization and how to take advantage of them.

Communication Methods

Millennials use text messaging, social media and email, so these are the best ways to reach out to your Millennial. Unfortunately, face to face meetings may not be scheduled and phone calls will probably go unanswered, so use digital methods.


Providing a flexible membership is key for Millennials. Not all events have to be in person. Hold virtual events such as a virtual networking event or even a webinar. They can be done from anywhere you want and are more likely to be attended by people with a tight schedule.

As we grow and learn with Millennials, marketers are forming a better grasp on what appeals to this generation. It is clear that Millennials prefer having a special invitation to an event. They also appreciate guidance and do better communicating via digital platforms. Now that you have a better idea of how to market to Millennials, what’s holding you back?