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John Seckel Mentorship

John Seckel is passionate about helping professionals grow their businesses through implementation of smart strategy. As President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC, Seckel demonstrates the power in mentoring his team.

Backed by over two decades of leadership experience, John Seckel’s strategies are tried and true.  During the early stages of his career, Seckel was empowered by the valuable insight offered to him by his mentors.  A success story of near peer mentoring, the now seasoned professional believes firmly in the positive potential of professional mentorships.  Now backed by his own experiences, Seckel works to mentor both his employees and aspiring entrepreneurs.

More and more young professionals are considering the entrepreneurial career path.  Although he is excited by this sudden shift, John Seckel believes that this presents a new need for mentoring.  In the future, he is interested in potentially developing a mentorship program that will benefit young professionals who are interested in entrepreneurship.  Seckel’s program would pair entrepreneur hopefuls with seasoned serial entrepreneurs.  It is his intention that this mentorship would assist young professionals in the early stages of their careers.

peer-mentoringNear Peer Mentoring

Traditionally, near peer mentoring refers to a mentorship between a current college student or recent graduate and a prospective student.  In this mentorship, the slightly more experienced individual offers his/her mentee with valuable insight on the road ahead.  This is instrumental in assisting prospective college students with clarification on what to expect.  Such a mentorship is particularly helpful for first generation college students in need of guidance during this transitional time in their lives — and their careers.

However, John Seckel believes that there is value in reinterpreting near peer mentoring to meet the needs of rising entrepreneurs.  As President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC, Seckel has always chosen to adhere to an inclusive and hands-on approach to leadership.  This approach entails direct mentorship between Seckel and his team members.  In his own interpretation of near peer mentoring, Seckel believes that mentorships between new employees and experienced employees effectively strengthens the entire team.  Though this concept is currently in development, Seckel looks forward to sharing his idea with other professionals.  In his view, near peer mentoring can prove valuable in solidifying and strengthening any team — regardless of industry.