How can nonprofits attract young donors? An often overlooked age bracket, both Gen Z and millennials are more motivated to donate than you might expect.  And it all comes down to digital marketing, with a heart.

A huge part of connecting with younger donors is to understand the unique audiences as a whole.  So, at the core, there’s value here for nonprofits if they take the time to get to know Generation Z and Generation Y.  Here’s some basic insight on the causes important to these generations, as presented by Nonprofit Digital Marketing Specialist, John Seckel:

For starters, Generation Z consists of people born between 1996 and 2010.  While some Gen Z-ers may not be old enough to donate to a cause just yet, they’re not without their own fervor for activism.  Having grown up in times of heightened school violence, Gen Z connects with issues of safety, gun violence, bullying and social justice causes.  They’re also more likely to donate to a charity they’ve discovered via social media — particularly when said posts invoke emotion or share-ability. 

Millennials are individuals born between 1977 and 1995.  By now, the vast majority of this age group have joined the workforce and are therefore actively involved in a large scope of areas.  They’re also intensely dedicated to the causes they care about, with 84% of millennials giving to charity on a regular basis.  This age group, which by now makes up 25% of the United States population, is not one to ignore, that’s for sure!