Nonprofits can benefit from connecting with both rising and established social media influencers.

Today’s social media stars are yesterday’s celebrities. By tapping into the influence of influencers, nonprofits can reach their target audience and effectively inspire others to join their cause.

Connecting with a social media influencer is a major move for any digital marketing campaign.  Whether you’re selling a product or promoting a cause — an influencer can help you grow!  So many of today’s youth and young adults receive their information and news from their favorite apps, like Instagram and Snapchat.  

And who’s spearheading that spread of information?  Influencers, or social media content creators who maintain highly engaged audiences

Social media users are more likely to support a cause if their favorite influencers are echoing the same message.  By connecting with an influencer whose content relates to your most recent campaign, you can quickly spread the word about your nonprofit.  It’s also a fantastic (and effective) way to get people involved!