Adopting new technology in your nonprofit can have an incredible impact on how you market your most recent events, initiatives and more. Here are some ideas John Seckel believes your team should take into consideration

By now, we all realize the amazing potential of social media as a marketing tool for nonprofits.  But as the field continues to evolve, nonprofits are being urged to test new waters.  In particular, new technologies are proving to have incredible potential for increasing gifts and support.  Follow this checklist to get the gears turning and have new technology benefit your organization:

  1. Focus on a Design that Relies on Human Interaction

Any effective nonprofit initiative already knows that there is power in developing personal connections with potential supporters of your cause.  This largely shows others that your nonprofit is human and truly aims to impact the cause in question.  Keep this in mind when developing your new technology platforms!

  1. Be Creative: Choose In-house Designs

Before commissioning work from outside of your team, foster a sense of collaboration in the office!  No one knows your nonprofit or cause better than your team.  Together, your collaborative efforts will work to ensure that any new technology is truly representative of your overall brand and its goals.