Nonprofit marketing agency, Scott Allen Creative, has joined forces with Storytelling Pictures, a video production company, in a major way! Together, the duo is taking on marketing for nonprofits in a totally different direction.

More and more, nonprofits are realizing that they need to embrace marketing on all fronts, in order to effectively get their message across.  Realizing this Scott Allen Creative and Storytelling Pictures have joined forces to ensure that their clients (many of whom are nonprofit organizations) are able to seamlessly combine their photo, video and written content based marketing.

Scott Allen Creative specializes in all aspects of marketing strategy — from branding and design to social media content.  Storytelling Pictures is an award-winning videography outfit, specializing in videos, animations, documentaries and a variety of narrative style pieces.  Together, the teams will create digital marketing campaigns that truly grip audiences!

John Seckel takes this approach as a reminder of the value in combining different mediums.  If your nonprofit is heavily relying on social media posts, consider launching something in the way of an informative narrative or documentary style film.  The more compelling, the more you’ll pique the curiosity of your audience!