When it comes to charity work and nonprofit initiatives: communication is key. So why not launch an email campaign that works? Here are two ways to improve your newsletter game!

Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience engaged and informed.  But did you know that an email campaign can actually help your nonprofit generate even more revenue?  It all comes down to how you construct that initial stage of your campaign!

  1. Custom-tailor your list

I get it.  You want as many people as possible to support your nonprofit.  But the reality is, if the newsletter doesn’t apply to the recipient, the spam folder will quickly become the home for your future emails.  Instead, start by building a list that only reaches out to people who you know are interested in what your newsletter highlights.  This touch of personalization will go a long way!

  1. Include videos and visuals

A lot of people check their emails as a way to break away from the stress of the day.  They’re not interested in drowning in a novel of text.  Instead, pepper your newsletter with videos and visuals to cut through their day’s monotony.  Videos and visuals are a great way to share information in an engaging and gripping way.  So try it out!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to maximize marketing for nonprofits.