Needless to say, the pandemic has shaken up the nonprofit sector in more ways than one. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been a challenge. But as the pandemic presses on, nonprofits are tasked with remapping their marketing efforts to fit into the current world.

As 2021 fast approaches, marketing experts, like John Seckel, are already theorizing their plans of attack. Here is the number one marketing trend he believes will define the next year:

Virtual Events

It’s no secret that going digital has become a necessity for nonprofit marketing these days.  This certainly won’t change in 2021.  In fact, as we normalize virtual conferences and events, hosting fundraisers online will continue to rise in popularity.  And why not?  With students attending their classes virtually and professionals tuning in for work conferences online, virtual events simply seem to be a sign of the times.  John Seckel firmly believes in the effectiveness of virtual events, as applicable to nonprofit marketing opportunities.  He looks forward to following how this approach will evolve even further in 2021.