Millennial entrepreneurs have a hard road ahead of them. Kevin Stimpson, a young, successful CEO, knows just how difficult it is to launch several successful six-figure businesses. Stimpson has a few words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Leverage Your Own Recklessness

In order to reach one’s goals, they need to be willing to risk it all. Stimpson holds that millennials have a unique power in their recklessness. While past generations were focused on security and doing what was expected of them, millennials can shake things up and go after everything they want.

Entrepreneurs hoping to make it big have to go all in. As Stimpson shares, he risked financial security in order to make his first business a success. While it was risky–it definitely paid. off.

Commit to Mastering Your Talents

There’s something to be said about someone that hones in on one thing and becomes a master at it. While there are always several opportunities available to millennials, individuals that know where and how to spend their time and money will automatically fare better than others that jump at every opportunity. These millennials rise from the mediocrity to become a master.

Stimpson knows that focusing on a specific thing allows one to strive to do the best they possibly can in that niche. This is the only way to make a strong brand and establish one’s self as an expert in their industry. Stimson shares that mastery is about gaining all the knowledge that is available on one’s specific niche, allowing that individual to truly know the ins and outs of the subject.

Trust the Process

Stimson points out that millennials aren’t the most patient people. The desire to succeed and excel often overshadows the patience that is required to build a successful business. For this reason, Stimpson urges millennials to trust the process and spend their time building themselves and their brand.

By zeroing in on one’s efforts to create their brand’s services or products, honing in on a clear message, and putting in the maximum amount of time and effort every day, millennials will be able to create a process that will guarantee their success. While there aren’t any shortcuts to success, millennials can better understand themselves and their process to work on strengthening their brand.


Stimson was able to achieve his level of success because he was reckless enough to go after what he wanted while being dedicated enough to pursue his passion and work at it every day. Millennials hoping to reach the same level of entrepreneurial success should keep these three tips in mind as they work towards their own goals.