At the most basic level, infotainment is the spread of information in an entertaining way. In the case of digital marketing, infotainment can be a critical way to spread your brand’s message or cause in an effective manner. John Seckel, founder of Exclusive Marketing Agency, explains:

Infotainment, sometimes referred to as “soft news,” is a form of marketing that combines information and entertainment.  This type of information spread is rampant on the internet, for better or for worse.  In John Seckel’s view, there’s a lot of territory to be covered for nonprofits in the way of infotainment.

Entertaining video clips and eye-catching images often garner engagement online — from likes and shares to comments and deep discussion.  If a nonprofit creates a piece of content that can both entertain and inform the public, they can play infotainment to their cause’s benefit.  At the very least, they can raise awareness in an effective and memorable way!