Most people who have searched for a local business online have also encountered Yelp, and company owners should certainly be aware of this site. While some small business owners might not pay attention to Yelp, good reason exists as to why to have the opposite attitude when it comes to this review platform.

People Use Yelp

One of the most prominent reasons to care about Yelp is because people use it. When individuals are trying to decide which electrician to call to do work in their house, which restaurant to go to for their date nights and which daycare to bring their kids to, they often look on Yelp for the answers. Businesses that don’t take Yelp seriously, especially entities that have a great deal of local competition, are likely to see a decline in customers. In other words, imagine one person who sees two competing businesses on Yelp. One has many positive reviews, and the other does not have any reviews at all. The person is likely to choose the former business.

Yelp Identifies Issues

Having a perfect five-star rating on Yelp is a difficult task, and many companies do not have that ranking. Of course, this situation does not mean that the businesses are bad. Instead, it suggests that virtually all companies have at least some room for improvement. Yelp helps to bring those issues to a forefront. Companies can look at the deducted stars as opportunities to improve their services. While they do not necessarily need to agree with every negative comment that pops up, they should certainly take into account issues that appear to be recurring.

Companies and Customers Can Communicate

Yelp is also a powerful communication platform between customers and companies. For example, when complaints do appear, companies can take the opportunity to show their professionalism by responding in a courteous manner. Of course, company representatives do not have to wait for complaints to appear to interact with their clients. They can also thank reviewers for sharing positive information about their experiences.

Yelp is extremely influential in customers’ decisions in today’s marketplace. It is basically integral for companies to take seriously what reviewers are saying on their Yelp sites. Doing so can help to build a more positive perspective of the company in the community, thereby generating more business.