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John Seckel

CEO/President of Cheap Social Media



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As a successful entrepreneur and award winning investment banker, John Seckel has come to truly understand and master the value of social media. A most recent venture of his, Cheap Social Media, was created in hopes of sharing the power of social media with small businesses.

“Clients are the most important thing in the world to us, and there isn’t much we wouldn’t do.”

About John Seckel

John Seckel and The Cheap Social Media team are a group of forward thinking, creative, data-driven professionals with a passion for people, small business and creating jobs. Together, they want to create opportunity and inspire passion in their clients and community. They thrive on turning small companies into medium ones and then medium ones into larger ones.

John Seckel’s concept for Cheap Social Media started with a dream of charging reasonable rates and being able to truly partner with clients on their social media presence. Since its inception, John Seckel and the Cheap Social Media team have made their clients their top priority. Cheap Social Media, unlike competitors, offer clients a single contact. In providing that one person, clients are able to establish concrete relationships and trust in the work that the individual is doing for their business.

A typical digital marketing agency might charge $1500 or more to post once or twice week on social media. Cheap Social Media offers plans starting at $99/month, where they’ll post daily to Facebook or another social media platform of the clients choice. Providing a reasonable and affordable option for growing businesses is beyond rewarding for John Seckel. As an entrepreneur himself, Seckel understands the complexities behind starting a business and wants to help individuals anyway he can.

John Seckel has created a social media solution at a cheaper price, with more expertise than the typical office manager. Cheap Social Media delivers social media excellence while growing the network for each business or sales person. Diving into business challenges, solving them with efficiency and nominal cost is a passion of John’s.  Growing businesses into money making sales machines with operational excellence is another. And with Cheap Social Media, he’s accomplishing just that.

For more information on John Seckel’s ventures, check out one of his other websites. Or head over to his blog, focusing on social media tips for both individuals and businesses.



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