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John Seckel is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for mentoring and helping others. Currently, he stands as President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC. He is also the Principal of the Seckel Foundation.


Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management Information Systems, Northeastern University, 1999 – 2004

From the very start of his career, John Seckel has maintained an ambitious drive. In just 4.5 years, he completed a dual degree majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. This feat was an accomplishment for the aspiring entrepreneur, as he completed the program 6 months ahead of its 5 year duration.  During his enrollment at the prestigious University, Seckel was a member of Northeastern’s Knights of the Round Table.


President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC

Energized by an entrepreneurial mindset, John Seckel is passionate about helping professionals grow their ventures.  Integrating unique strategies is a pillar of his approach in marketing, sales and business development.  

Diversely experienced, Seckel is empowered by a diverse repertoire.  In his current professional pursuits, he calls on his prior experiences to develop sustainable and strategic business plans that take numerous aspects into account.

Since 2017, John Seckel has stood as President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC.  A premier marketing outfit, EMA combines the experience of seasoned business leaders with current small company models.  Seckel is proud to lead his team of experts in integrating strategies and services that offer EMA’s clients permanent marketing solutions.

Charity & Nonprofit Work

The Seckel Foundation

In 2018, John Seckel founded the Seckel Foundation.  A nonprofit organization, the Seckel Foundation is dedicated to community outreach.  A celebration of employees, Seckel uses his Foundation as an instrument for positively giving back to his employees and local community members who are in need of support.  He developed this organization because he is passionate about giving back and fostering a strong sense of community.  In Seckel’s view, giving back is an important aspect of a healthy and positive employee culture.