2021 is here! But it doesn’t look like social distancing will be going anywhere anytime soon… According to digital marketing expert, John Seckel, this means it’s time for nonprofits to up their online presence in a major way.

Here are three simple ways to improve your nonprofit’s digital marketing game:

  1. Live Streams

Now more than ever, people are valuing the opportunity to directly connect with the world.  Live streams offer an intimate and immediate chance for communication.  Public figures, including celebrities and politicians, have really taken advantage of this opportunity to bring the masses together when we’re all urged to stay apart.  Since nonprofits aren’t able to host in-person events, it’s crucial that initiatives keep the conversation going — especially via live stream!

  1. Ask, ask, ask!

Q&A’s are often a great way to spark interest and conversation.  But this year, John Seckel urges nonprofits to flip the script by asking questions instead of answering them.  Ask your target audience what they’re looking for… chances are, the pandemic has shifted what they’re looking for.

  1. Google Ad Grant Program

Google is now offering an ad grant program to nonprofits.  (Stay tuned for more on this from John Seckel!)  If you haven’t already, consider applying to this new program ASAP.  This is an easy way to secure much needed funding for your nonprofit’s next ad campaign.