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John Seckel Charities & Nonprofits

John Seckel is the Founder and Principal of nonprofit organization, The Seckel Foundation. Established in 2018, the nonprofit aims to enrich the lives of local community members.

As a leader, John Seckel believes that communication is key.  Taking an inclusive approach to leadership, Seckel views his team as a multi-faceted unit.  Each of his employees represent an integral part of the team.  In an effort to show his appreciation, he developed The Seckel Foundation to give back to his team members in a meaningful way.

The Seckel Foundation

In 2018, John Seckel established his nonprofit, The Seckel Foundation in an effort to celebrate employees of his business ventures.  For the entirety of his 20+ career, Seckel has been adamant in supporting the idea that giving back is important in establishing a healthy employee culture.  More than just a held value, Seckel demonstrates that his professional teams truly foster a family community.

The Seckel Foundation is positively proactive in its community outreach.  Above all else, the primary focus of the Foundation is to give back to individuals and their families who are in need.  This is accomplished through donation-based fundraisers and community events.  Throughout his leadership roles, Seckel has found a deep importance in boosting the morale of his team members.  In his view, celebrating the accomplishments of his employees is effective in strengthening the team’s productivity.  Through The Seckel Foundation, he makes a point to congratulate his team members on their accomplishments by regularly hosting celebratory events.

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Mass Mentoring

Early on in his career, John Seckel directly benefited from his own mentorships.  Now, he’s passing the torch by working with charities and nonprofits that facilitate mentoring opportunities.  One nonprofit that he’s particularly inspired by is Mass Mentoring.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Mass Mentoring is more than just a program — it’s a movement.  The nonprofit aims to empower local youth through mentorships led by local professionals.  The mission of Mass Mentoring is to help align local youths on a positive journey to adulthood.  According to the nonprofit, youth who are led by mentors are 52% less likely to skip school.  64% of students who benefit from mentorships also develop a more positive attitude towards their education, which in turn leads to a more fulfilling learning experience.

In the future, John Seckel hopes to work directly with Mass Mentoring.  He is proud of the organization which shares a home with his old stomping grounds and alma mater, Northeastern University.