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John Seckel Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Diversely experienced marketing professional and entrepreneur, John Seckel is the President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC. Dynamic in approach, EMA provides companies with unique marketing solutions and strategy implementation.

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Marketing & Entrepreneurship Experience

Since the early days of his career, John Seckel has maintained an entrepreneurial spirit.  A go-getter by nature, Seckel excels in developing industry-crossing solutions.  In all of his professional pursuits, he aims to bring something truly unique to the table.  A serial entrepreneur, Seckel is credited with establishing and leading numerous business ventures.

For over two years, John Seckel represented Lean Soul, LLC and Cheap Social Media as President.  Seckel founded Cheap Social Media on the idea that branding is essential to the success of all small businesses.  Keeping pace with what’s currently in demand, the marketing outfit assists small businesses through the process of successfully operating social media campaigns.  Lean Soul, LLC similarly plays on the integration of social media in modern society.  As President of this venture, Seckel continues to fulfill his personal passion for helping people unlock their potential.

Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC

Since 2017, John Seckel has stood as President of Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC (EMA).  Seckel established EMA in an effort to fulfill what he believed to be an unmet need for exclusive marketing.  EMA specializes in facilitating marketing strategies and solutions that benefit the Insurance, Financial Advisory and Real Estate industries.  Strengthened by a team of 20+ diversely experienced professionals, EMA’s experts are seasoned in all aspects of business operations.  Leaders in their own rights, Seckel and his team develop marketing strategies that are unique and all encompassing to meet the needs of their clients.

Aiming to act as a permanent solution to their clients’ marketing needs, Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC always takes the long term into account.  Preferring sustainability over short term quick fixes, EMA’s marketing solutions aim to effectively grow and strengthen businesses.  With clients across the United States, the EMA team works to make a lasting impact on American businesses of all sizes.  Constantly evolving, EMA works to combine the leadership experience of their team with today’s small company model dynamics.

Exclusive Marketing Agency, LLC specializes in a variety of facets of marketing that work to facilitate growth for their clients.  Areas of expertise include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Lead Generation, Sales Automation, Branding, Marketing Presence and Public Relations (PR) services.  

Look out for John’s new blog series about 2020 marketing trends for charities and nonprofits.